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Established in 2011, The Dialogue Advisor, LLC is a privately held company focused exclusively on the delivery of employee assistance programs, serving organizations across Illinois.

We are not part of a Managed Behavioral Care Organization, Insurer, or Health Plan. We are a program that reflects your company's culture and the community’s best interest.

Being an EAP is our passion and we do not see EAP services as a fill-in (profit maximize) ancillary business. The result of this focus is our EAP utilization rate ranges from 12% to 22%; this exceeds the industry norm of 6%.We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. In fact, no company has ever terminated our services because they were not satisfied with our performance or did not recognize the value of our programs.

The high usage is due to providing easy access, (employees are offered appointments within 72 hours after initial contact). comprehensive services that effectively resolve client problems, extensive program promotion, hands-on account management, and maintenance of strict confidentiality.

Promotion of the EAP is conducted on an ongoing basis via on-site seminars, brochures, posters, payroll inserts, wallet cards, EAP magnets, newsletters, and e-mail announcements.

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Benefits of Using an EAP

The Dialogue Advisor, LLC Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are company plans that help identify and resolve issues facing troubled employees through short-term counseling, referrals to specialized professionals or organizations, and follow-up services.

Finding solutions for employee problems keeps the workplace drama free. Personal problems often impact job performance. EAP’s increase workplace productivity and morale, support retention, enhance recruitment and can reduce medical costs. Moreover, our EAP will help train business owners and supervisors to recognize and deal with behavioral problems in the workforce.


Business Week pointed out that depression, anxiety, drug abuse, alcohol addiction, and common psychiatric disorders takes its' toll in lost productivity and absenteeism alone. The cost of business approaches $312 billion annually. EAPs, through prevention and early intervention services, are a proven, cost-effective solution to many of the problems employers face today.

Here is Fast Facts about Employees, the Workplace, and Mental Health

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  • 47% of serious workplace accidents and 40% of fatal workplace accidents have drug and/or alcohol involvement (Occupational Medicine).
  • 38% to 50% of all workers’ compensation claims are related to substance abuse in the workplace (National Council on Compensation Insurance).
  • Substance abusing workers are 5 times more likely to file workers’ compensation claims (US Dept. of Health and Human Services).
  • Mental disorders are the third most limiting health condition in terms of performing major daily activities, preceded only by cancer and stroke (APA).
  • A three-year study of a large corporation showed that 60% of employee absences were due to psychological problems (APA).
  • 50% to 70% of usual visits to primary care physicians are for medical complaints that stem from psychological factors (APA).
  • Patients with mental disorders average twice as many visits to their primary care physicians as patients without mental disorders (APA).
  • Cost offset studies show a decrease in total health care costs following mental health interventions even when the cost of the intervention is included (APA).

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